Installation Tips
In order for your WindowCanvas Graphic to look its best and provide a long lasting enhancement to your vehicle, the following instructions MUST be followed. WindowCanvas will not replace images, or refund costs due to installation errors.


The Three most important instructions to ensure an attractive, professional installation are:
1. Take Your Time 2. Take Your Time 3. Take Your Time

1. Preparing your vehicle window

WindowCanvas Graphics apply to the EXTERIOR of your window. The window receiving the image must not be below 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Do not attempt to warm glass with a blowdryer, or heat gun. If outside temperature is below 50 degrees, find a heated indoor garage, or other heated space. Cold installation will cause material to be stiff and brittle, and adhesive will not bond!

Clean window surface with soap and water. Dish soap works well. A mild abrasive “scrubby” will also ensure oily deposits are removed from glass surface. Pay special attention to clean the edge of the window where it meets the rubber gasket. Rinse and dry thoroughly! DO NOT use solvents or ammonia based cleaners! A final wipe down with alcohol is fine. DO NOT attempt to install image on wet or dirty glass.

2. Position your image on window

Using 3 strips of masking tape at top of image (left, center, right), to secure the graphic in the desired location. REMEMBER, your graphic is slightly larger than the window glass.Make sure the graphic is centered properly and there is adequate material to go beyond all edges of window.

Once the graphic is in installed, it is very difficult to move. Be sure the image is where you want it before you proceed.

NOTE TO SUV OWNERS: Be mindful that important elements of your image are not placed over handles, wiper mechanisms, etc., as these areas will be trimmed out later in the installation process. (See “Trimming image”)

3. Bonding image to window

Remove the left piece of tape and gently “hinge” the left side of the graphic away from the window. Starting at the top left corner, peel away the graphic backing, exposing the“sticky”side. Peel this to the middle of the graphic and cut or tear it away. As the “backing”is peeled away, hold the sticky side away from the window.

Gently lay the center portion of the graphic against the glass. Carefully smooth the graphic with your hand. WORK FROM THE CENTER OUT.

If a crease occurs, gently peel the graphic back to release the problem area, before proceeding. PULL GENTLY, AS THE MATERIAL WILL STRETCH IF PULLED AGRESSIVELY. Use an old credit card, or smooth, rounded, flat tool to press out any air, and smooth out the image. Your hand works well to! (Be careful not to scrape the graphic with the card!)

Once the left side is firmly in place, release the right side masking tape, hinge the right side away from the glass, and peel away the remaining half of the graphic backing layer. Repeat the process, starting at the center and working out. Once the graphic is installed, run your fingers around the edge of the glass where it meets the rubber gaskets. This will ensure a tight fit.

NOTE TO SUV OWNERS: When installing your WindowCanvas Graphic, you must be mindful of your window’s hinges, latch, handle and wiper mechanism. DON’T PANIC! These items are easy to accommodate. As you press your graphic into place, use your credit card to press the material around these items. In some cases, as in handles, a small cut must be placed in the material, to allow the graphic to “wrap”around. You will then trim around these items (See “Trimming image”)

SLIDER WINDOWS: install the graphic as if your glass was a single pane. Lay the graphic right up to the edge of the slider frame, then wrap over the frame and continue.

4. Trimming image

Each WindowCanvas Graphic should reach beyond the glass edge, to insure an attractive final fit. Because of this, some minor trimming is required.
You MUST use a clean, new razor blade. Any fresh razor blade, utility knife, or razor knife will work.

Using your credit card, press the graphic up against the edge of the window rubber gasket. This will push the graphic right up to the edge of the surface being covered, and allow for an easier, cleaner trim along this gasket edge.
Slowly, carefully trace the edge of the window gasket with your razor. The image material will cut VERY easily. This final stage is where many mistakes are made. You are nearly finished. DO NOT RUSH the process now! Once the excess is trimmed and removed, press the edges of your image firmly to insure a good adhesive hold.

SLIDER WINDOWS: Trim around the edges of all window sections, including the moving pieces. Press the newly cut edges firmly into place with your finger. Trim around all center section framework. Neatly trim off excess material around framework. You may leave the vertical bars and center frame covered, or peel away the graphic to expose them. The choice is yours. We suggest leaving the frame covered initially to see if you like the look. Once the material is removed, it cannot be replaced!

NOTE TO SUV OWNERS: Your rear window will have a few additional elements that will need to be trimmed around. If you have exposed hinges, wiper mechanisms, etc, simply follow the same instructions as trimming the graphic edge. Press the material up tight with your credit card, and then carefully trim around the object. If there is glass below a window element, as with a handle, carefully slice one side of the material beyond the handle creating a “flap.”This ‘Flap”can then be trimmed and pressed against the window below the handle, creating a wraparound effect. TAKE YOUR TIME AND USE COMMON SENSE.

5. Let adhesive “cure”

Give your newly installed WindowCanvas Graphic at least 24 hours to “cure”before attempting to wash. Avoid power washing for at least one week, and NEVER point the high pressure water stream at the edges of your graphic, or it will cause the adhesive to fail. If washing is needed, use a gentle hand wash on the window graphic.

Sharp window scrapers, old and worn rear window wipers, stiff brushes will also reduce the life of your window graphics. For best results, treat your new window graphics like your vehicle’s exterior paint.

NOTE FOR SUV OWNERS: If your vehicle has a rear wiper, be sure to keep a fresh blade installed and to use it as sparingly as possible to improve the life of your WindowCanvas Graphic. During winter months, we recommend letting your rear defroster loosen any ice,prior to attempting removal. REMEMBER, be gentle!


For more information, or help with your installation please call us at: 1-888-693-3225
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